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August 19, 2017 CV Format , CV Tips

If you wanted to crack job interviews then it is very important for you to make your CV such that it stand out from the rest of the crowd and convinces your recruiter that you deserve this job. Today’s world is full of competition and so these recruiters take interview more precisely to hire candidates. As we know that the recruiters received so many CVs for each and ecery job they has advertised and only CV is not the only thing that will give you job, it will only take you to the interview after that your actual test starts and your CV is checked out properly.

By following the below simple steps you can make professional formatting and using contents to make an effective CV which will make the rolling up of the interview questions from the recruiter. Before thinking about how to write a best CV, it is best to have it written and saved. Once you have written all your content, now you need to check the way in which it is written. There are some points, which we have to keep in mind while writing any CV.

Start Strong
Start your CV with the summary of the key skills you are having and doing this will attract the recruiter towards you. Your personal profile is very important part of your CV and shows the recruiter exactly who you are so that you can give your positive impression.

The good approach towards this is making your CV fit on the one side of A4 size page. Sometimes many job seekers try to write all their educational and experience information into a small space over the paper which makes it congested and looks unorganized. Try to write it properly and in organized way in almost 2 sides of A4 size page and maximum to 3 if needed. Try to write short sentences so that they can fit to the size of the page. Make your CV looks appealing by including line breaks and using bullets.

The best ones to use are conventional typefaces when writing your CV. The most acceptable and best ones are Mistral, Calibri, Arial etc. Try to avoid using all the informal looking fonts. You should use the simple and professional looking fonts so that it gives attractive look to your CV. Extra formatting will decrease the readability and will result in negative results.

Highlight Changes and Growth
You should focus on your personal development also while writing this. Try to show how you have changes and grown in your different roles and other rewards you have achieved. This will show that you have learned a lot from your past roles and are committed to their work and will focus on the positive results.

Font Size
Your name on the top of the resume can be in different font size then other contents but use same font size for the headings that are dividing the sections of your CV or you can simple use bold letters for sub headings. For the main body, try not to use very small font sizes and also not to use that much large word that it looks clumsy. So use only limits sizes so that it looks attractive.

Use Suitable Formats
In many CVs it has been found that it starts with personal details and then open up to the other educational details. You should write your work history in reverse chronological order which looks more appealing. After writing about your work experience, it is good to add a section regarding your educational background which includes all your courses and training you have been then including all your college and school information. The best way to conclude your CV is by writing your hobbies and few personal interests which include only few bullet points showing your personality.


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