How to Write Student CV

Student CV

August 26, 2017 CV Content , CV Format , CV Tips

How to Write Student CV

CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a type of resume used by the professionals in the field such teaching, academics, medicine etc. Students are mostly asked to submit their CV when they are applying for any Graduation program or research positions. A student CV can be of two pages which may include scholarly contents such as skills, experiences etc. It makes the recruiter know that although you don’t have that much experience but you do have that caliber and useful skills and knowledge. Your CV is a key reference when completing job application job. So, you have the proper guidance while creating a perfect CV for you.

You should firstly focus on all the essential skills that are required, any experience and qualities you have which is needed by an employer. Give any evidence related to your interests and hobbies or school experience etc. Highlights all your education related information that they are looking for. Think about the way in which you should present your information to the recruiter which is relevant to each and every application you make.

  • The very first step while creating your CV is to decide how to arrange your experiences so that the recruiter can easily understand what you want to say. There are many layouts you can try while creating perfect CV. The most commonly used are reverse chronological and skill based. Both have their own benefits and it’s your choice which you want to use.
  • Skill based can be used by students have god amount of previous experience and whereas the other layout can be used many most students. Both these should get fits into 2 A4 size pages.

Reverse Chorological Format

This is most commonly used layout by all students. In this you have to list your skills and experiences in a chronological order by writing the most recent at the top of the list. This format is quit easy and is followed by most students. You can highlight your each skill in the work experience section to make it more effective.

Skills Based Layout

This layout focuses on your skills first which helps the employer in hiring the candidate easily. You have to list your experience under your every skill you mentioned showing the years and key achievements you have made. To make it easy, pick any 5 skills for the job you are applying for and take one or 2 examples for each skill. This main benefit of this CV is that you can clearly find out the skills that are required for the job. This is not recommended for the students having little experience.

How to Demonstrate

There are some steps that you should follow to demonstrate and describe your skills and abilities properly to easily get noticed by the employer.

  • After giving all your contact details, you should proceed by writing briefly about your personal statement with maximum one or two sentences.
  • You can include your experiences and achievements of past years under the heading of education and main achievements.
  • Highlight your skills you have learned or used by giving examples and proof of each one.
  • You can add your personal interests at the end of the resume which can help you to show your personality and character.

While keeping all these in mind, you can start creating your CV by choosing the desired format which suits you the best.

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