Tips to Have Impressive CV

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August 18, 2017 CV Format , CV Tips , Jobs and Career

Tips to Have Impressive CV

As we take average, each job openings attracts 250 applicants and out of those 250 resume only 2% of applicants can qualify for the job and granted an interview. As in this competitive world, to find a job is a difficult and to make it easier you firstly look after your CV which gives your first impression on your Interviewer. So, you need to firstly make an impressive CV to get noticed. As we know CV is a very brief document and we have to represent our experience both originally and professionally in one to two pages maximum. Also remember that recruiters only spend 6 seconds on each CV and that much time is very important for you to become different from other crowd. Here you will get to know of the common don’ts that can affect your CV and you have to take care of those points:

1.) Some people like showoff by extra enlarging their skills even if there is no need. Incorrect information may lead to clear that interview. But later on the recruiters will assess you on the basis of the information provided by you which will cause embarrassment for you.

2.) It’s better to include only verified points and relevant information and stick to the topic.

3.) Secondly, you should take care about the grammatical errors and spelling errors as this makes the recruiter to think that you don’t have even time to look at your CV properly and you will get failed in written communication also.

4.) If you are applying to multiple jobs then you need a CV that can be used in all the Jobs so you need One-size –fit all approach which will save your time. The best way is to stand and speak directly to the recruiters.

5.) The skills section is mostly get abusive by the applicant as they include all irrelevant information in it. You should list the skills that are needed for the position and how it makes you better for this post.

6.) Some people think that using funky bullets and number list will make your CV more effective but that’s not true. You should do formatting in a well organized way that increases the readability.

7.) Be concise whatever you write and use clear section headings with common fonts to make your CV more attractive and simple.

8.) While writing your Resume, you should focus on what you really are and what makes you the best candidate than others. After taking care of all the above given points surely you will be selected.


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