Should Address Section be Included into Your CV Layout?

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April 30, 2018 CV Content , CV Format , CV Mistakes , CV Tips

The complete process for the job has been changed completely from the past so many years and along with this, all the hiring as well as recruiters go for expecting from the various candidates in order to compact as much information as possible into your CV. In order to prepare a well maintained CV with all the important information, we need to focus on all the related aspects which are needed for the particular job. But most of the people go for focusing on main things like your skills history related to your employment and don’t try to understand the various small details which help in impressing the recruiter. Many people have seemed confused whether to include your address on your CV or not? We have given below some of the very useful benefits as well as effects of mentioning your address on your CV along with some effective formatting tips which will helps in making your CV for attractive and error free.

There are many companies which wanted us to sign up into their company by mentioning their location and according to the distance of your living location, you will be assigned the work. Therefore, if you ignore to include the address into your CV, you can miss the opportunity to get selected in that particular company. You can also have option to avoid the time wastage for the recruiter by mentioning your address in your personal information section which is enough to your chances of having a job offer. Writing your address directly shows that you are not hiding anything from the company and the hiring team when you are competing with equally strong candidates. It directly helps the recruiter to go for performing the different checks related to your background over the various potential candidates and writing your address results in making your hiring chances more.

If you actually wanted to mention your address then you need to write it below your contact information at the CV’s top which actually depends upon the style of your CV. You need to ensure that your address should be written in a perfect form and never include the heading “address” in front of your physical address as the format is very well known to all the recruiters.


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